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Mobile Veterinary Service

Mobile Veterinary Service
Dr, Daniel J. Martin, DVM

Welcome to
Mobile Veterinary Service!
Let Me Introduce Myself.
I'm Dr. Daniel Martin, DVM.

I would like to personally welcome you as my customer and your pet as my patient!


I take great pride in providing quality veterinary care for your pet.


I always try to personalize and focus on your pet's specific medical and personal needs.


Essentially, my patients are cared for like my beloved animals!


Daniel J. Martin, DVM

House Call Vet

There's No Place like Home

There's no getting around it: Our pets need veterinary care from time to time. With few exceptions, they hate going to the vet!


Save the time, hassle, and anxiety of taking your pet to the vet by having a mobile veterinarian come to you.

Dr. Daniel Martin's Mobile Veterinary Service brings compassionate and convenient veterinary care to your door. With 45 years of experience, Dr. Martin offers a wide range of services, from in-home euthanasia and transport for cremation to wellness/sickness exams, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, and treatments. Schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Martin come to you and see your pet in the comfort of its own home!

If you are interested in a house call for your dog, or if you have any questions, please call me at (623) 979-8000 or send an email to me at:

Mobile Veterinary Service   Daniel J. Martin, DVM (623 )-979 -8000  Peoria, AZ
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