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Mobile Veterinary Service

In Home Euthanasia


A trip to the vet's office may have never been one of your pet's favorite experiences. It generally involves a stressful car ride, an unknown period of time waiting in a busy lobby, and a variable amount of discomfort for everyone involved.

Your pet's last hours really shouldn't take place in such a foreign, clinical environment. They should be spent at home, surrounded by family: in a familiar room, on a sunlit patio, or in the yard under a favorite tree.

Making the difficult choice to say goodbye is always a very personal one, I will help to support you through the process, though it is a decision owners will always be encouraged to make themselves. Due to the nature of my mobile business, appointments must be pre arranged well ahead of time (I'm often booked a week or sometimes two weeks in advance). I will always try to answer any questions you might have regarding what the procedure entails.

When the time comes, I will come to your home to help you say goodbye to your special pet. After meeting with you and your family, I'll administer a series of 2 injections to your pet. The first injection is a tranquilizer-analgesic. This injection is given in the muscle of a rear leg and takes less than 1 second to administer. This injection will help your pet to become quiet, relaxed and free from pain, usually within five to ten minutes.

When you and your pet are ready, I will administer the second injection, which is a concentrated barbiturate solution. This will slow down and stop your pet's bodily functions, providing humane euthanasia within several seconds. Overall, the process takes no more than just a few moments, but of course I will try to allow family members as much time as they need to have closure. Some families have small ceremonies with candles, prayers, and maybe even a poem spoken out on the pet's behalf, some folks have friends and family around, and some feel best when it's just the quiet graceful act when they alone are present. I encourage people to follow your own heart when it comes to these matters, do what feels right for you.

Following euthanasia, many pet owners choose to have their pet's remains individually cremated. I trust and recommend Lasting Paws Pet Memorial Services for this service.

The crematory can schedule a home visit to collect your pet's remains following the euthanasia appointment. However, if you'd prefer to keep things simple, I can transport your pet's remains to the crematory. This is what most people decide to do.

I will deliver the individually cremated remains to your home within 7-10 days, in a simple container, wooden box or urn. lf you do not wish to have your pet's remains individually cremated, there are other options. These include home burial, communal cremation, collection by a pet cemetery for burial, and collection by a city agency.

If you have any questions regarding additional details of euthanasia or the disposition of your pet's remains, please don't hesitate to phone or email.

Your pet's last hours should be spent at home, surrounded by family!

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